Friday, May 13, 2011

Lake Como, Italy

Villa Balbianello
50" x 60"

The original painting "Villa Balbianello" located on Lake Como in Italy was acquired from my studio by one of my Minnetonka patrons.  The painting was first placed in their Versailles Suite, before moving her to their dining room at their permanent residence in MN. 

It's a wonderful feeling when patrons share photographs of how their art collection is displayed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunflower Field's Depth - o/c 20.5" x 24.5"

Sunflower Field
20.5" x 24.5"

I find inspiration everywhere.  Everywhere I look.  Everytime I recall sites from memories.  Paintings I completed also bring forth inspiration.  I always pay attention to my senses.

The recent concept for the above painting was from a North Shore patron of mine who acquired two ethereal landscapes and a Monet-like garden painting in the late 1990's.