Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Red Poppies in Provence XI - o/c 20.5" x 25"


Completed yesterday, "Red Poppies in Provence" is the latest in my series. How beautiful is a cluster of vivid reds amidst the various shades of greens in the grass and trees? Windsor reds and shades of orange accent the deep purple center within their delicate pedals that top the narrow stems. One doesn't need to walk within a field of flowers to savor nature. Often gazing upon them depicted in an original oil painting such as this, may provide the serenity we seek.

The texture of oil in the various layers of paint applied is dense. While texture provides additional interest to the work, it also brings forth a desire to reach out and touch the flowers and blades of grass. A couple more weeks, you may as the oils will be totally dry by then. Framed at that time, in one matching "Field of Daffodils" also complete this month. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

New Series titled "Field of Daffodils" - o/c 21" x 25"

Field of Daffodils I
21" x 25"

Last month, I began a new series of work titled "Field of Daffodils." These cheerful yellow flowers are  synonymous with spring. And, walking through an entire field of them, how could one not smile? Daffodils are a sign that winter has ended and rebirth/new beginnings are arriving when they begin poking their stems up through the soil. 

Understand, they are a lucky emblem of future prosperity too. Given as a gift to another in a bunch, ensures the person's happiness. With that said, a beautiful oil painting of a "Field of Daffodils" would qualify as more than a bunch. Elation perhaps?